A New Irish Cookbook Blends Traditional With Modernity

Brighid McLaughlin has teamed up to produce a new cookbook. Her new cookbook is called “Behind The Half Door: Stories of Food and Folk”. It was written along with Kady O’Connell who is a blogger and food stylist.

From the cookbook, you can expect an even blend of modern and traditional dishes such as baked turnip with prunes and gruyere and sweet potato fritters with cashew cream. McLaughlin says the book came about after she met someone’s daughter at her friend’s barbeque. This woman was Kady O’Connell.

Even though the woman was briefly visiting from Australia, the women were drawn together to create recipes. After having a single glass of wine together, they plunged into development by testing out five recipes each day. According to her, the timing of the meeting was perfect and equally inspired the cookbook. It has been one of Kady’s lifelong dreams to develop a cookbook, which has finally come to pass. A series of unplanned events brought these ladies together to tell a story through the language of food.

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