April 18, 2017

A Special Type Of Welding – Aluminum Bronze

Created by adding aluminium to copper, aluminium bronze is a special type of alloy that has a number of special uses.

When it comes to aluminium bronze welding Perth probably has some of the very best alloy welders and producers in the country, if not the world. Some of the other types of bronze are made by adding nickel, tin, or zinc. These alloys are different, and all of them have specific purposes, though some of them are interchangeable in use and performance.

However, when you mix copper with aluminium, you have an alloy that is strong and resistant to corrosion. It is so strong and corrosion resistant that ship propellers are made using this alloy!

Welding different parts of different items together is quite a challenge, and when you need something of that nature done for you, you need to contact a professional. Look no further. They are right there in Perth.

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