Aluminium Bronze Welding Perth

Aluminium bronze is a special type of alloy that is created by adding aluminium to copper. Other types of bronzes, such as brass, are made by adding zinc to copper while standard bronze is made by adding tin to copper. It is important to note that the percentage of the alloy components in all these alloys depends on the applications. Aluminium bronze is a special alloy with a high strength and corrosion resistance properties. That is why the alloy is used to make propellers for ships and underwater fastenings. It is also used to make landing gear for aircraft among other special applications. When a component made from this alloy cracks, welding the parts together can be quite a challenge. This is a job for an experienced welding engineer.

When you need aluminium bronze welding Perth residents should take their time to identify an experienced welder who knows how to properly weld this type of material. This will go a long way in preventing the problem from exacerbating further.

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