Best Foods For Your Feeder Crickets

You have to know what type of foods to feed to your crickets if you use them to feed your pet reptile or amphibian. Crickets are omnivores and love a wide range of foods including dried and wet foods. You can make their feed yourself. Commercial food products for feeder crickets are available. These products are made especially to feed crickets. These scavengers love eating all types of vegetable based foods. You can give them crushed chicken feed, dog food or cat food.

You can make cricket feed by mixing seeds and nuts. Give them ground or powdered alfalfa. Wheat bran, some types of greens, potatoes, carrots and fruits can be fed to them. You may want to increase their nutritional level just before feeding them to your reptiles. This type of feeding helps supply nutritional substances to your pet reptiles. Learn about the best foods for crickets. It will ensure you have healthy and nutritious crickets for your pet reptiles.

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