How To Clean Dog Wee


It is important to act promptly when a dog pees on the carpet, bed, sofa or on any area where he’s not supposed to go. Here are some ways on how to clean dog wee and prevent your pet from repeating accidents in the house.

Thoroughly clean the soiled or stained area

If the soiled area still has fresh urine, clean the area by soaking up as much urine as possible with paper towels or newspaper. Wash the area with clean, cool water and then use a wet vacuum cleaner to remove as much water as possible. If the soiled area can be washed in the washer, wash thoroughly with detergent and baking soda. Sun-dry the item if possible.

Use high-quality pet odor eliminator

Pets have extremely sensitive noses and they can smell the smallest hint of urine. To neutralize the smell of your dog’s urine, use a pet odor neutralizer available at most pet supply stores. This helps in neutralizing the ammonia in the urine and significantly decreasing the chances of your dog urinating on the same spot.

Treat Your Pet To A New Dog Taxi


A dog taxi is essentially your pet’s form of transportation when he or she travels long distances such as a plane flight or extended train, car or bus ride. The dog has its own carrier to protect him from the temptation to run away and it can protect others if your dog has been known to bite strangers.

The carriers are made to provide as much comfort as possible. Most give your pet ample visibility and fresh air. Many have multiple openings for ease of use. Liners are generally not included, but most pet owners place some sort of cushioning in the bottom to make the pet’s ride more comfortable.

The next time you have to travel a long distance, give your dog a fun ride in a carrier made for dogs. Don’t stick him in your purse or bag. Give him some privacy and some transportation luxury in a new pet carrier.

How To Clean Dog Urine


Dog urine contains ammonia and some organic particles that can encourage bacterial growth, resulting in a smelly carpet. Dogs smell their own urine and go again in the same spot. Cleaning dog urine on linoleum is easy, but cleaning urine on a carpet can be difficult. In learning how to clean dog wee, the first step is to absorb as much of the urine as possible before it dries. This reduces bacteria and odor.

Removing the rest requires a wet and dry vacuum. It is also possible to brush cleaner and odor remover into the carpet, but a wet vacuum is best. Scents only mask the urine and do not remove it. An organic solution is to use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Both kill bacteria while being nontoxic. After the area is scrubbed, it should be vacuumed to remove the moisture.

Dog Taxi For Your Lovely Pet


Dog Taxi is the most convenient mode to transfer your lovely pet from one place to another. It is convenient for the pet owners as the taxi will take care of the dog pick up, comfort during the entire journey and dog drop at the desired location. It’s also easy on the part of the pet as they have professionals to handle them for their movement. Other amenities of dog taxi include air conditioned transport, comfortably arranged setup inside the vehicle, special arrangements for longer travel, first aid kit, dog record sheet, oil skin dog coat, car harness, portable water bowls, toys, treats,wipes, blanket amd towels.

Dog taxi provides the airport pickup / drop services, pickup/ drop to groomers, dog minders, dog sitters or any other place/ professional you want your dog to visit. Dog taxis come at a very reasonable price and can be easily arranged. However, due to recent rise in demand, please make sure that you make bookings in advance.

Things To Know About The Options In Pet Transport Sydney Locals Rely On


The only potential downside of taking a long, leisure trip is simply having to leave your beloved pet at home. With a growing number of animal-friendly hotels, many pet owners are opting to bring their feline and canine companions on holiday, rather than leaving them in kennels or with friends. The best way to plan an excursion like this one, however, is by working with the very best services for pet transport Sydney has to offer.

These companies work specifically with animals and thus, you can rest assured that your pet will be diligently cared for all throughout the flight. There will also be many special accommodations available for ensuring that these special passengers have everything they need. Moreover, most transport companies can take animals anywhere within the country and many can even make arrangements for international trips. This is the ideal way to ensure that your cat or dog is always comfortable and safe while traveling.

All You Need To Know About A Dog Taxi


A dog taxi helps transport your pet dog from one place to the other in a safe way. This type of pet taxi service is quite beneficial for busy professionals who find it difficult to take their dogs to weekend appointments owing to their work schedules.

How do they work?

To transport your pet dog to their destination, a taxi comes and picks up your pet from home. Since the safety of your pet dog is their primary concern, dogs are either secured to the taxi using a harness and strapped into the seat belt or are transported to the destination in a dog kennel.

What are Services offered?

Hiring a taxi allows you to transport your furry friends anywhere they are required to go. Apart from allowing you to transport your pet to grooming or veterinary appointments on your behalf, this type of pet taxi service also provides personalized tailor-made services such as taking your dog for a ride to the beach or dropping your pet at your friend’s place.

A dog taxi is one of the best options that allow all dog owners to transport their pet safely to their destination, with or without them.

Entertaining Your Furry Friend


We all love our dogs, but even the best of them can misbehave, engaging in destructive behaviors like chewing on furniture, shoes, and clothing. Such behaviors are often a result of boredom, plain and simple. Thus, if you want to discourage you dog from acting out, you should make sure they have plenty of alternative activities to keep themselves entertained, especially if they are alone for long periods while you are at work.

Fortunately, most dogs can be entertained with toys that are fairly inexpensive, especially when compared to the potential costs of replacing furniture or your wardrobe! You can find dog toys for sale at almost any department store, or you can go to a pet store for more selection. Ideally, you should get a mix of toy types so that you can figure out your dogs preferences. For instance, you may get plush toys with squeakers,rubber toys, and plastic or wooden toys.

Don’t hesitate; banish the boredom and resulting bad behavior with new dog toys today!

Quick Tips For Toilet Training Your Dog


Toilet training your dog is not as hard as you think. Dogs are smart and easy to train especially when they are young and there’s a consistent schedule that they can follow. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Give the dog plenty of time to go outside.

toi350Dogs need time to do their business. Do not hurry or give the impression that your dog is on a timer. Allow your dog to sniff around and explore the best places where he can be most comfortable. This is natural and perfectly necessary.

Use positive reinforcement.

A pat on the head, a doggie treat or a chew toy can help the dog associate going to the toilet with a reward. This helps reinforce the behavior and helps him learn faster.


If you are potty training the dog, you need to commit your time so you can devote your attention to observing the dog when he goes. This allows you to observe opportunities that require reinforcement and make accomplishment of potty training goals easier to do.

Finding The Best Pet Transport Sydney


Transporting a pet is not as easy as some people may think especially when you are moving it overseas or to another city. You have to comply with not only airline requirements, but also local authority rules as well as regulations put in place by the vet department. For the average person, dealing with all the hassles of pet transportation is too much work. That’s where pet transportation companies come in.

Pet transport Sydney residents should know, requires special cages or carriers. When looking for a pet transporter, therefore, you should give strong consideration to firms with the right equipment. Since you love your pet, you should also give priority to firms with a good reputation. Obviously, the company must be able to take care of all the legal requirements pertaining pet transportation in Sydney. Before making a decision, remember to compare costs.

Cleaning Up Pet Urine Quickly And Easily


When a pet urinates on the carpet or another surface in the home, it can leave a stain and odor that is very unpleasant. Not only does the urine smell bad, it also draws the pet back to the same place to urinate. Cleaning up pet urine properly will eliminate odors and prevent animals from going in the same place again.

If possible, the urine should be soaked up immediately with paper towels until the area is nearly dry. Press on the towels to ensure everything is removed. This improves absorption.

A specially formulated pet odor remover is best. These are designed with enzymes to digest the urine and eliminate odors and stains. Apply as per the instructions. It is a good idea to test the carpet or fabric before using the liquid on a large area. In some cases, multiple applications may be necessary if the pee has soaked in.