Trend Swag: 3 Popular Items That Are Trending Right Now


Need an upgrade? Try one of these three trending styles that will send your selfie likes sky-rocketing…

Emoji Shirts

From the hottest pop culture clothing store to the thrift shop, emoji shirts are a hot commodity right now. Try a funny print paired with a statement necklace to create a grown-up but on-trend look.

Smiley Banks

These emoji banks are a huge hit with everyone from kids to CEOs right now. They make a great place to store petty cash but also a great place to hide those class notes from friends you don’t want your parents to see.

Rap Statement Tees

From Biggie to NWA, rap tees are big right now. Try a Warhol edition for a tongue in cheek look that is both current and vibrant.

Whether you are looking to upgrade the house or your wardrobe, adding a few trendy pieces to your current staples can help you create a whole new look… without breaking the emoji bank.

Party The Night Away In Personalised Beanie Hats


Belinda didn’t want an ordinary Hen Night; she wanted her last night of freedom to be one to remember. The Stags were going to the casino, so how could the Bride-to-be top that? Her friend Sally suggested they each bought a fancy dress costume and wore a custom beanie cap, in fact, she had seen some colorful embroidered beanies in the store window only this morning. Belinda loved the idea of a fancy dress party, but she wasn’t sold on the idea of wearing personalised beanie hats. However, she fell head over heels in love with the embroidered head-wear the moment she clapped eyes on them.

Belinda AKA Bjorn Borg stunned onlookers as she strutted into the room wearing a red and white cat suit and matching beanie. Amy looked fabulous in the Mama Mia costume, Janine was the ultimate Dancing Queen, and Sally smashed it in her silky Super Trooper cape. They purchased their custom beanies online, where will you buy your personalised party hats?

Finding The Right T-shirt


Although many shoppers head to their nearest pop culture clothing store to find the latest hip trends, there are some pop connoisseurs who go in search of the perfect t-shirt. They want to make a statement and honor their own unique styles. Here are some tips for finding your best t-shirt.

Choose a Positive, Impactful Message

Random t-shirt slogans are challenging if they are attention-grabbing enough to raise questions about your value system. Select messages you do not have to defend.

Match Your Skin

Some skin tones wash out or look drab against certain color palettes. Know your skin type and choose complimentary colors.

Choose the Right Fit

T-shirts come in generic sizes, but one size does not always fit all. Muffin tops, excessive midriff or overt chest exposure can make your choice less attractive.

As a fashion statement, a t-shirt can give you a signature mark. It is best to make a choice that tastefully reflects your individual style and inspires others to do the same.

Tips To Wear Colourful Workout Leggings


Looking to make a fashion statement with your workout clothing, buy colourful workout leggings. Available in solid greens, reds, yellow and blues, colorful leggings is a perfect way to get started and rock in your next yoga, zumba or boot camp class. Fun, sexy and designed with fabric that helps highlight your curves at tight places, colorful leggings look best when they are paired with yoga wrap or a simple t-shirt or a tank top.

If you choose to wear printed colourful workout leggings, it is essential that you choose the right pattern. For instance, opt for leggings with vertical patterns if you do not want your bottom to appear wider. However, if you want your legs and butts to look shapelier, opt for horizontal patterns. Similarly, if you have shorter legs, opting for patterns that create lengthening illusion will help make you look taller.

Choosing to wear colourful leggings for outdoor sports or workouts is one of the best ways to stay comfortable as well as look trendy and stylish during workouts

Why Do We Need Personalized Soccer T-shirts?


What’s in a T-shirt? Well it depends on one’s taste and circumstances. If you were going to bed then you would look for just a comfortable t-shirt to put on but if you are going for soccer, then it is not just comfort. There are a lot more things to look for including its looks, its design, colour and so on. Above all, your t-shirt is something that represents your spirit and team’s togetherness. Thus, you would want something vibrant and classy.

Apart from the name of the team and the number of the player, some people also want a message on the t-shirt. The message could be words or a symbol like a word ‘winners’ or a ‘thumbs up’ printed on it. If you too fall in that category then you need personalized soccer t-shirts. Now you can get these t-shirts delivered at your doorstep as well.

Sew In Love: Online Fabrics To Fall For


From pretty satin ribbons in limitless hues to endless supplies of fabulous sewing notions, your sewing basket runneth over with a thousand and one little things to make your projects shine. You enjoy making sure every creation in your home is both unique and uniquely you. One of the best places to showcase your own sewing style is on your windows and Sheer Curtain Fabric Online can help you do just that.

From pretty iridescent purples to add a chic, romantic ambiance to regal blues to add depth to your designs, online styles come in all textures and hues… much more than your local craft store could ever possibly house. Whether you are reimagining your living room or adding a splash of personality to your bedroom, these unique online fabrics can make your house a beautiful place to call home.

How To Find The Most Affordable Sportswear And Uniforms Taren Point Locals Can Buy


If you’re currently searching for the most affordable sportswear and uniforms Taren Point locals can buy, you should check the web. There are a number of reputable sellers that are currently offering deep discounts on these products. In addition to searching their websites for coupons, promo codes, clearance items and other special offers, you can also sign up for their mailing lists. This way, you will be able to get early notification of any special sales that these companies host.

When shopping for team uniforms on the web, however, you also have to consider the impact that the associated shipping fees will have on your budget. This makes it vital to look for companies that have competitive shipping rates. Some of the top suppliers may even have free shipping offers available. Discounts like these are commonly offered to buyers who place bulk orders or with orders that exceed a specific purchase amount.

Reasons To Buy Online Boutique Dresses


Clothes are definitely difficult to buy online, as people much prefer to physically try the garments on themselves. With the efficiency of the Internet however, and the risk factors diminished significantly, now is the exact time to seriously consider buying online boutique dresses.

LaReeSeattleAveJuly2009With many companies assuring the guarantee of their products and offering free shipping on orders usually over seventy five dollars or more, it is a great time to sit down and browse your favorite dresses online.

Another good reason is that much of the information and photographs provided are good enough reasons to not even need to try the garment on yourself. If you look at many of the products, size and specification is provided in just a click, giving you the ease of making that final order.

The final reason is that on many online sites, you can also double check the quality as well as opinions from real people of the dresses, giving you bigger peace of mind.

Scrubs For The Medical Professional


From head to toe nurses, doctors, medical students and veterinarians wear dickies scrubs to work everyday. Scrubs feature shirts, pants, and lab coats. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs. They are tough, dependable and withstand multiple washings without loosing their elasticity.

82409large_1Traditional scrubs used to be stiff and rigid. It was like wearing a piece of canvas to work. Today they are made from a mixture of cotton and synthetic materials that are heavy enough to withstand long rigorous days in the ER, but they still remain soft and pliable after several washings. They are shrink resistant, and the stretch fabrics conform to the body’s curves without binding.

Multiple clothing styles are offered including the traditional blue medical apparel as well as various solid colors or patterns. Scrubs also have muted colors and soft patterns to ease the tension of stressed patients. These seem to be a favorite among dental hygienists and pediatric nurses.

Scrubs have changed with the times. They are more comfortable, and offer more variety while still looking professional. Best of all, they are still affordable.