Most Expensive Collector Comics


Have you ever wondered about the most expensive collector comics in the world? Which specific comic books are currently the most expensive comics available for sale, and what is the highest price ever paid for a comic book?

While it is difficult to ascertain which specific comic book is currently the most expensive one available for sale, a few high-end examples include a Stan lee-signed version of The Avengers #1 at $6,366.99 and a set of The Silver Surfer #1-#18 in Mint condition for $4,350.

As far as the highest price ever paid for a comic book, that can also be hard to pinpoint due to private transactions. However, among well-known purchases was the purchase of an Amazing Fantasy #15 for $454,100 and a copy of The Incredible Hulk #1 for $326,000. Only time will tell which comic book will be the next to claim such an impressive price.