The Dawn Of A New Age: The Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer


A lot of people’s personal favorite, and quite understandably so! The Firefly 2 portable vaporizer couldn’t have been aptly named, as the smoking experience truly feels like getting high on the wings of a firefly.

It’s solidly built, with a shiny glass and aluminum casing that makes for a well thought out 21st century gadget. Unlike most of the mass produced vapes being peddled these days that look fragile, the Firefly doesn’t have any moving loose parts.

The other thing to adore about this vape is that it allows you to manually heat up the marijuana and smoke at your own pace. A trigger on its side heats up your weed when you press it and cools down the heating element when you release it. Most vapes these days work automatically and are susceptible to overheating.

A bit costly, but worth every drag.

The Best Inshore Fishing Charters In Fort Myers


Do you want to book a calm water fishing tour this year? Inshore Fishing Charters Fort Myers is the perfect area to look at. They offer reefs, deep channels and old fishing wrecks that wind from the Caloosahatchee River, Charlotte Harbor, Estero Bay as well as Pine Island and the Barrier reefs full of Snapper, Grouper, Trout, Redfish, Snook and more.

Booking a Charter to guide you through the region will prove a worthwhile decision. These are the waters that professional fishermen cruise because of all the action available. If you are not a fan of big choppy ocean waters this could be just the right fishing expedition to put on your list. While on a licensed fishing charter their fishing license covers you. So there is no additional license fees you need to worry about.

Fishing season in Fort Myers is all year round. There is no time like the present to book that trip.

Take Your Vaping Experience To The Next Level With The Best High End Vape Mods


For vapers looking to get the best out of their vaping experience, the high end vape mods are the go-to vaping devices. The amazing thing about the vape mods is that there is no limitation on what you can get and thus, the ideal choice depends on your individual preferences. While the vape pen mods are designed to help you quit smoking, the high-end box mods are designed to offer you with the best vaping experience and thus, they come with a plethora of features.

In fact, different box mod models and brands come with unique features that make the rich vaping experience. Some of the features that make box mods the ultimate vaping devices include excellent vapor production, long battery life, feature rich OLED screens, and a wide variety of tank options as well as durability and reliability. Another important thing about the box mods is that almost everyone can afford them due to their wide price variation.

Tips To Help You Enjoy Vaping On The Go


Upon taking up vaping, were you surprised when you realized just how much gear you will need for your sessions? Most people do, and it usually takes a while for one to get comfortable with the process. If you’re always on the move, however, fitting your newly-adopted hobby into your constant travels is something you’ve likely struggled with for some time.

Stay Organized

Most kits come with travel cases, and you’ll want to use them to keep your device safe when in transit. That said, you can also look for something that’s more suited for the road, such as a Crafty Portable Vaporizer. To help you enjoy vaping on the go, you’ll also want to:

-Clean your window regularly: Window film build-up can be a safety hazard, so remember to clean it off from time to time.

-Get yourself a car organizer, to keep your gear at your fingertips

-Take your stuff with you when leaving the car, especially on hot days

No matter where you do it, vaping is an enjoyable activity. Still, the experience may not be as pleasurable if your daily routine involves a great deal of commuting. It would thus make sense to use these tips to work around the challenges you might face while on the road.

Buy Carp Fishing Rods Online


You cannot go on a fishing trip without the right equipment. If you want to fish for carp, you need carp fishing rods. These rods come in different sizes and you can buy them online or offline. Below are some ways to ensure that you get the one that is perfect for your needs.

Ask Around

Just ask people that use these rods where they bought the ones they use. Better still, you can borrow the exact one you want to buy and go along with it to the store where these rods are sold. This way, you are sure you will get exactly what you want.

Buy Rods Online

If you want to buy these rods online, you should do a bit of research first. Browse a number of sites that sell these rods and look at the products they have for sale. When you find the one you really like, you can place an order and the product will be delivered to you.

Buying High End Vape Mods


There are many types of vape products on the market. Many are made to look great and contain all the key features that are needed to ensure a superior vaping experience. However, there are also high end vape mods meant for the high end market; people who are willing to pay a little bit extra to get a unique vape mod. If you belong to this market, it is crucial you take your time to read product descriptions and take a look at some of the photos of those products before making a decision. This will go a long way in helping you to find the right product.

When looking for high end vapes, price should not be an issue since you do not want to buy the most expensive vape on the market. You want to buy the highest quality product, and you are prepared to pay the price quoted by the retailer. For this reason, you should pay attention to the features as opposed to the price.

The Vaping Products Australia Wants


Smoking has long been a controversial topic for many people. Smokers can’t help their addiction and non smokers make no excuse for being irritated by cigarette smoke. Lately, the introduction of e-cigarettes has made the idea of smoking rather attractive to all people, both smoking and non smoking groups. With e-cigarettes there is no smoke involved, but mist or vapors instead. This is what has lead to the common term vaping. The e-cigarette is considered the healthy alternative to smoking. It promises to deliver the same potency that traditional cigarettes do, but with none or relatively small quantities of nicotine. There are various flavors to choose from, including the old and popular favorites However, there are also a range of delicious new flavors to choose from. These e-cigarettes are available in various shapes and sizes and you should choose the Vaping Products Australia uses.

Where To Buy The Marvel Legendary Board Game


The Marvel Legendary board game is an exciting mix of adventure and strategy, and it is no surprise why this is one of the most popular board games in 2017. Marvel has played a major role in producing some of the biggest blockbuster hit movies of the last few years, and prior to that the company already had a huge following due to its classic comic book heroes and their stories.

If you want to buy Marvel’s Legendary deck-building game then you have quite a few options. You can go to your local toy store or comic book store to see if it’s in stock. You can also perform a quick Internet search and buy the game online. You might save some money by purchasing this game online, and you can have it shipped to you in just a couple of days. This will allow you to stay within budget and you’ll be conquering evil in no time.

Carp Fishing Tackle Shops


Fishing is one of the most rewarding hobbies in quite a literal sense. All of your efforts are rewarded at the end of the day with a nice catch that you can cook and share with your friends or family. The better you get, the more you catch and eat. Carp is a particularly popular fish in the UK with lots of nice sites where they can be spotted.

Just remember to bring good equipment on your trip so that you won’t go home empty-handed. There are several carp fishing tackle shops that you can visit to get your required gear. Make a list of the things you need so that you can cross off each item as you acquire them. Buy rods, reels, hooks, baits, lures, lines, sinkers, floats, and whatever else you might fancy. Be sure to get a sizeable tackle box where you can organise everything.

Most Expensive Collector Comics


Have you ever wondered about the most expensive collector comics in the world? Which specific comic books are currently the most expensive comics available for sale, and what is the highest price ever paid for a comic book?

While it is difficult to ascertain which specific comic book is currently the most expensive one available for sale, a few high-end examples include a Stan lee-signed version of The Avengers #1 at $6,366.99 and a set of The Silver Surfer #1-#18 in Mint condition for $4,350.

As far as the highest price ever paid for a comic book, that can also be hard to pinpoint due to private transactions. However, among well-known purchases was the purchase of an Amazing Fantasy #15 for $454,100 and a copy of The Incredible Hulk #1 for $326,000. Only time will tell which comic book will be the next to claim such an impressive price.