Enjoy The Beauty Of Marble Coasters


When you want a sophisticated and stylish way to protect your table tops, marble coasters are a wonderful solution. You’ll find coasters available in various shapes and sizes. Whether you opt for a traditional square coaster or you prefer the style of a round coaster, you can be sure that you’ll make a statement with these beautiful, yet affordable, coasters.

If you are looking for a great gift idea, coasters are always appreciated. While there are many materials and designs available when it comes to coasters, the elegance of white marble is something that will go with just about any decor. The white marble also offers a greater sense of sophistication and it certainly will add a touch of class to your home’s decor.

These beautiful coasters typically come with a cork backing to help protect your tables, while providing an excellent barrier against moisture.

Sliding Vs Freestanding Ovens


A sliding oven is meant to fill the gap between two cabinets in the kitchen. The height matches the standard countertop while the width is slightly narrower than the top. Many feel that it is more aesthetically pleasing as it provides seamless visuals of the backsplash.

Freestanding ovens are different in that there is a protrusion at the back. This is meant to keep the dirt from falling backwards and protect the wall from the heat. The downside is that there is no visual continuity with the backsplash. This backguard often contains control mechanisms for the unit.

The choice between the two is a matter of aesthetics and budget. Sliding units are typically more expensive than freestanding ones. The difference is about 10% to 15%. Whether this is worth the benefits will depend on the priorities of the individual buyer.

Unique Decor: No Ordinary Home


Ordinary… you do not do ordinary. Your own personal sense of style reflects exactly who you are as a person. Artistic and eclectic, your home should mirror your favorite things and all those wonderful, whimsical elements of 6you that make you – you. When you need a touch of the extraordinary, unique home goods help you to make your house the home you always knew it could be. Add a touch of charm to your antique bookshelf with an electric yellow birdcage perfect for nesting your collection of Jane Austen novels. Bring in a hint of color to your black and white portraits with a set of eclectic coral picture frames, showcasing each smile and every memory effortlessly. Whatever your style, wherever you have your hat – never settle for ordinary. Create the unique haven you always dreamed of with Unique Homewares Online.