Guide To Corrosion Prevention Methods


Corrosion prevention plays a key role in the preservation of a wide variety of structures, including bridges, wharves, steel framed buildings, harbors and much more. The application of proven techniques is a sure-fire way to prevent the problem from recurring. Rusting is undoubtedly one of the most common causes of deterioration of many structural surfaces, reinforced concrete fixtures. A number of contaminants, including sea salt, de-icing salt and salt cast contribute to corrosion of structures on buildings and bridges. Salts creates fertile conditions for the carbonation of concrete. Rust undermines the structural integrity of infrastructure. Some of the recommended rust prevention methods include re-alkalization, use of high-quality corrosion inhibitors, cathodic protection and chloride extraction. These solutions deal with the rust across treated areas, which is not possible when using traditional methods that do not entail the removal of deep-sitting carbon dioxide or salt.v

DIY Garden Studio Designer Plans And Layouts


Creativity is a wonderful commodity, and those who have it should appreciate it, and embrace it. When you have the best DYI plan, and the right idea, building a DIY Garden Studio is as easy as riding a bike. You can create a masterpiece of your own. A getaway studio, where you can work in peace and tranquility.

Kits are available for you to purchase, if you order them from a studio designer. Your backyard studio kit comes complete with everything you need to transform your garden into a place of beauty. Get your inspiration to create your own garden studio from books, magazines or plans you can design yourself, or order online.

When you order your kit online, you can choose from a variety of sizes, and layouts. Whether you are looking for a small cozy setup, or a large roomy cottage, you can start your planning now.

Advantages Of VCI Plastic


Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor, or VCI plastic, is used to protect metal from corroding. Upon contact with moisture, dirt and other rust-inducing materials, the plastic transforms into an invisible film to form a protective barrier.

Moisture Resistant

VCI packaging has many advantages, one of which is its resistance to moisture. Unlike paper packages, this plastic effectively keeps moisture out to prevent corrosion.


With VCI bags, sheets and tubing makes identifying packed objects easier. Because they are transparent, it is not necessary to unpack items for identification purposes.


VCI can be used in many industries for different products. Packaging material is available in an assortment of colors and a wide range of sizes. It offers superior stability and is foldable for convenience.

It is important to note that VCI is most effective when used as primary packaging. Although it is suited for secondary packaging, the plastic will not provide adequate cover for metal.