100% Real Estate Agent Commission Plans


There are some real estate agent commission plans that offer better rewards. When you become a member, you are eligible for 90% or even 100% real estate agent commission plans. You will earn more with every transaction. In addition to the high commission for selling properties, you receive complete support from the organization. Your commission will be deposited directly into your account. You get access to the company’s customer relationship management and transaction management software programs. These programs help you keep track of all contracts. You can upload files and keep all client related files in one place.

Pay a small monthly membership fee and you will receive broker assistance, 100% commission and other benefits. You can work part time or full time. There is no obligation to work under the parent brand. You can develop and work under your own brand. There is no mandatory sales quota to fulfill. You can work from home or office. There is on demand 24/7 training. Member agents get access to many other resources and tools.

How Does Rent To Own Work


Buying property is a serious transaction. It is important to completely understand what you are buying and how you are buying it. A common question that arises is how does rent to own work. It is important that you understand the conditions for your particular rent to own situation.

Typically, the person selling the property in this fashion fully owns the property. They make the decision to forgo a lump sump payment and instead receive the full price of the property in payments. The payments made are considered rent as often times the ownership is not transferred until all payments have been made.

These types of transactions are commonly private transactions. It is important to make sure there is a contract fully outlining the terms and conditions of the payments especially if it is a private transaction. It is a great alternative for purchasing a home without procuring a bank issued loan.