Maintenance Free Pools Are A Goal


Everyone loves a sparkling clear swimming pool, but few enjoy keeping that pool sparkling clean. It has long been a goal of pool manufacturers to create maintenance free pools.

Several pool maintenance steps have become automated. Pools now have automatic pumps, cleaners, and covers. These automated processes all occur either continuously or on a timed cycle. Even with all these automation, there is still some human interaction required.

New types of pools are always being constructed to minimize, or even eliminate, maintenance. The newest craze are pools that utilize fish, plants, air and the sun much in the way that a natural spring works. The water is filtered through natural matter in select filtration areas. Biological agents, like fish and plants, are utilized to minimize harmful bacteria and algae growth. Even these pools require some human intervention occasionally. The reality is, all pools require a little attention, but in the near future that will change.