Healthy Weight Loss With Dr Simeons’ HCG Diet Protocol


The HCG diet protocol popularized by Dr. Simeons is characterized by an intake of a total of 500 calories from two solid food meals for lunch and dinner. The second part is an injection of 125 iu of HCG. The diet protocol should be followed for no longer than 40 days.

292What makes this diet unique is that it allows the intake of unlimited quantities of water, tea and coffee. The protocol also requires that the meal for lunch be exactly the same as the meal for dinner. This means that dieters can opt for a breakfast of tea or coffee without the sugar. Meals can include different types of meat limited to 100g such as veal, beef or chicken. A single type of vegetable should be included. Spinach, tomatoes, radishes, cabbage and chard are popular options for dieters. For dessert, dieters can have natural sugars from fruit or opt for something starchy such as bread sticks or toast. Consistency in the meal intake and adherence to caloric limitations can help anyone on this protocol lose weight through dietary changes alone.

Do You Need A Great HCG Chili Recipe?


The HCG diet is well known for controlling hunger pangs and curbing cravings despite being a very low calorie diet. However, eventually most people start to crave something that they think they shouldn’t have.

fitness35005The problem with considering food to be forbidden is that it eventually leads to feelings of deprivation. After feeling deprived for long enough, most people eventually give up, binging on the treat, and then feeling guilty. The good news is that if you take the time to find a compatible recipe, you can have what you are craving without having to compromise your weight loss goals.

Chili is an excellent example of an easily converted recipe. A spicy bowl of chili and sour cream isn’t on a very low calorie diet, but that’s okay.

Many chili recipes start with sauteing vegetables. Instead of using fat to bring out their flavors, seal them in a foil package and slowly roast them until their natural sugars caramelize and soften to a luscious creamy texture.

Most of the fat in chili comes from using heavily marbled meat. Changing fatty meat to beans or a combination of beans and lean meat can bring it down to a more diet friendly HCG chili recipe.
Instead of sour cream, use fat free plain Greek yogurt for a creamy garnish with a substantial serving of protein.

Don’t let yourself fall into self destructive habits. If you are craving something, taking the time to find an acceptable substitute or compromise will pay for itself when you continue to lose weight.