Commerical Waste Redcliffe Guideline

Commercial waste is different from residential waste and requires a different disposal method. Businesses must know their waste disposal responsibilities. It is better to keep waste generation to a minimum. This can be done by preventing, reusing, recycling and recovering as much as possible. The waste should be sorted safely and securely. Each waste container should be tagged properly indicating the type of waste in a container. Businesses must hire only those waste carriers that are registered with the local authorities for disposal of commerical waste Redcliffe.

Commercial waste is not limited to waste generated by businesses. Waste coming out from demolition, construction, agriculture, industry and home based businesses are also placed in the same category. Businesses that want to dispose and transport their own waste must first register their company as a waste carrier. A permit for commercial waste disposal is also needed. Waste can be exported or imported only for recovering and not for disposal.

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