December 22, 2016

Conflict Resolution Strategies: Staying On Top Of The Situation

The courts are a fundamental aspect of the state as dispensers of justice. No state can exist without law and order. However, no gun is held to your head as civil court processes are at the option of the conflicting parties. Various conflict resolution strategies can help you move forward and settle disputes amicably.

Arbitration is perhaps the most popular conflict resolution strategy out there, and arguably the most effective as. The parties agree to an independent arbiter whose decision will be final and binding on the parties concerned. Conciliation -whereby the arbiters decision is not binding- tends to be least effective when it comes to serious conflicts.

Out Of Court Settlements

Most of the conflicts that are heated and settled in court are unnecessarily drawn out. However, settling out of court is sometimes the best way to end a dispute. Alternative dispute resolution is cheaper, faster and generally ends in the parties truly reconciled.

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