July 20, 2016

Dog Taxi For Your Lovely Pet

Dog Taxi is the most convenient mode to transfer your lovely pet from one place to another. It is convenient for the pet owners as the taxi will take care of the dog pick up, comfort during the entire journey and dog drop at the desired location. It’s also easy on the part of the pet as they have professionals to handle them for their movement. Other amenities of dog taxi include air conditioned transport, comfortably arranged setup inside the vehicle, special arrangements for longer travel, first aid kit, dog record sheet, oil skin dog coat, car harness, portable water bowls, toys, treats,wipes, blanket amd towels.

Dog taxi provides the airport pickup / drop services, pickup/ drop to groomers, dog minders, dog sitters or any other place/ professional you want your dog to visit. Dog taxis come at a very reasonable price and can be easily arranged. However, due to recent rise in demand, please make sure that you make bookings in advance.

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