July 21, 2016

Go Pro Lenses: A Short Tale Of Courage And Vision

Jumping from the edge of one of the world’s highest bungee jumps felt so terrifying that, afterwards, I wasn’t quite sure whether I would want to do that again. But after watching the real-time video, having another go at it was the only thing I could think about. All thanks to a simple hand-held camera called a GoPro, I was able to capture this exhilarating experience and relive one of my most adrenaline pumped dice games with death.

GoPro lenses are the simplest gadgets to work with. No operation is required on your part if it is pre-attached to your person as part of an activity. But when you do try to familiarize yourself with its exact working, you’ll be surprised to find that it is quite the user-friendly portable device.

GoPro cameras have changed the way we can see life in its miniature real-time state. Getting one should certainly be on your bucket list of summer purchases.

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