November 11, 2017

Holiday Rentals In Paris: Where To Stay

Paris is a huge city with a lot to see and do. When looking for Holiday Rentals in Paris, the first thing to decide is which part of Paris you want to stay in for your vacation. Paris is divided into twenty districts (arrondissement), and one district that is especially popular with tourists is the 6th Arrondissement (Saint Germain-des-Prés).
This district has a wide range of accommodation from boutique hotels to vacation rentals and family-friendly hotels. The Saint Germain-des-Prés area is loved by Parisians and by visitors, and it has a lot of stylish boutiques, cafes, antique shops, art galleries and museums. The famous Latin Quarter is partly located in the 6th and partly in the neighboring 5th district and has a more bohemian atmosphere. It is home to many universities, good street markets and many accommodation options for different tastes and budgets.

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