August 19, 2016

How Basketball Uniforms Have Changed

When the game was first played, there were no special uniforms and players simply used their normal clothes. However, this proved to be quite uncomfortable as most everyday attire does not provide ease of movement. This caused players to start dressing for freedom of movement. Players started using knee length shorts, shirts, socks and comfy shoes. During the 1920s the first basketball uniforms were made, consisting of sleeveless shirts, socks and shorts. The material later changed from wool to cotton and players were grateful for since they remained cooler and sweated less during games. Women had to use shirts with sleeves and wear knee pads. During the 70s and 80s, tubesocks and headbands were introduced. Now days, the basketball uniform is simpler and consists of baggy shorts and a baggy sleeveless vest. This current design keeps players cool and allows for freedom of movement.

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