How To Choose Bikini Competition Shoes

The shoes chosen for a bikini competition can be very important. The perfect bikini competition shoes will accentuate your physique and leg length, while not detracting from or overshadowing your overall look.

Most importantly, it is critical to fully understand the shoe regulations for the competition. Clear shoes are a must. Not only are clear shoes generally mandated in competitions, but they also provide the best overall look.

Five inch heels or higher are generally recommended. However, a slightly lower heel may make you feel more comfortable and confident on stage, especially if you are not accustomed to wearing high heels. A comfortable heel height will help you walk more naturally, which will definitely help you pose more effectively.

Whichever shoes you choose, you should devote some time to practicing in them so that you become fully comfortable in them prior to the competition. After all, the more comfortable and natural you feel, the better you will compete on stage.

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