Hydraulic Vibrators Make Transferring Materials Easy

A hydraulic vibrator generates waves of energy that break bulk solids apart. Solid material doesn’t readily flow down pipes, and it’s easy for powders to clog up transfer tubes. Vibration devices transmit energy at a constant resonant frequency in order to force solids down these tubes without a risk of clogging. Even a small vibration head used in this manner can generate a full pound of force for every ten pounds of material inside of a hopper.

If technicians need more force, then they can increase the flow of oil into the vibration head. They might also wish to adjust the eccentric weights to make the head swing more freely. Each head can take 4-8 hours of intermittent use each day without failing. Technicians who often move their vibration heads can order special clamp-on units. These are especially useful for temporary installations.

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