September 24, 2017

Natural Methods To Relieve Period Pain

For several women, period pain or menstrual cramp can cause tremendous trouble every month. At least 40 percent of women undergo a monthly struggle with menstrual cramps’ disabling effects. Also called dysmenorrhea, period pain is something doctors are still not sure why it occurs in the first place. Though there are conventional medicines to help alleviate period pain, let’s take a look at some natural treatments.

Herbal Concoctions

Several herbal or plant preparations have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. Herbs usually used for period pain include raspberry leaf, cramp bark, chaste berry, black cohosh and angelica. Herbal capsules or tinctures could be found at many grocery stores’ specialty sections or health food stores. Herbalists prefer cramp bark the most to alleviate menstrual ache. The plant has valerianic acid, a reproductive system-specific relaxant. Though clinical trials have not been performed on the herb, it is reported to have zero known drug interactions or side effects.


Traditional Chinese medicine comprises Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Chinese medicine is quite well-known for its techniques to address period pain. Acupuncture for period pain works by unblocking vital energy along the energy channels of the body. Women having period pain can certainly see some improvement in their symptoms with acupuncture. The improvements would last at least for a few months and can help the affected ladies cut down their ibuprofen usage. A licensed acupuncturist could create a customized acupuncture treatment targeting the symptoms.

Acupuncture uses needles that are placed into the skin where the pain emanates from. Typically, the needles do not induce pain when inserted. Though more definitive studies are needed to prove acupuncture’s efficacy, most anecdotal evidences have been strongly in favor of the ancient Chinese healing technique.

Dietary Supplements

A 100mg vitamin B1 dose every day can effectively treat dysmenorrhea. Magnesium could also ease cramping when administered throughout menstruation. A small study indicates vitamin E is equally effective as ibuprofen in addressing menstrual cramps. Flax or fish oil and other omega-3 oils are other natural methods to battle menstrual pain. Some studies indicate fish oil when merged with vitamin B12 becomes much more potent at reducing period pain. If you’re buying fish oil, ensure you buy a brand that’s mercury-devoid. And if you’re on blood thinning medication, kindly consult with your doctor on whether fish oil would be right for you, since the oil has anticoagulant traits.

Hot Water Bottle

Take some warm water and fill it in a water bottle and place the bottle over the affected area. Or you may place a heating pad above the abdominal region to soothe significant menstrual cramps.

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