December 4, 2017

Pole Booty Shorts Are Not A Uniform

If you have ever gone to a pole dancing class, you were sure to see a few ladies clad in super short pole booty shorts. You might wonder if they are mandatory like a uniform. The simple answer is to wear what makes you feel the sexiest and no, they are not mandatory.

One thing is certain, booty shorts are better for pole class than panties. There are some pole moves that involve your rear. It is nice to have a little bit more material on your bottom than what regular panties provide. The extra material adds a little slide to your moves preventing the dreaded cheek squeak.

If you are new to a pole class leggings are a good choice. The full coverage of the material is helpful when you are learning. When you get a bit more advanced, some moves need the grip of skin. Only then will you realize why all those ladies are clad in those super short booty shorts.

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