Screen Printing – A Simple Method Of Transferring Images

In the process of screen printing, printing ink or other material is forced through a screen so that a print is registered onto the paper, fabric or other material like leather that forms the substrate. The screens will have certain areas blocked so that a particular design is created. Changing the blocked area or using another screen can allow different colors and designs to be laid over the same earlier printed surface.

Screens can be temporary or permanent. Paper stencils and candle wax screens are temporary, while permanent screens can be created photographically, by using lacquer and shellac, and are made of silk or nylon. Temporary screens are limited in their utility and rarely used for more than one or two prints. Permanent screens can be used over and over again and can print thousands of prints before they may need replacement.

You can find many agencies that can undertake screen printing Perth, and who will develop the screens for you as required. Screens are stretched over a wooden frame and coated with a light-sensitive emulsion.

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