October 21, 2016

Soft Playground Surfaces Can Reduce Injuries To Children

When children are on the playground, they often have little regard for injuries that may happen while at play. Playgrounds with concrete, asphalt or even sand flooring offer little protection against falls, scrapes, and hard impacts. While sand does offer some shock absorbent qualities, it also absorbs heat from the sun and is irritating to the eyes, mouth, and ears. Concrete and asphalt have no shock absorbing properties and are very hard. Hard impacts on concrete or asphalt from falls or jumping can cause damage to joints as well as scraps, bruises, or even broken bones. Utilizing soft playground surfaces is a solution that can prevent many injuries that occur on playgrounds.

Soft surfaces for playgrounds are often made of rubber interlocking pieces that can be easily installed and removed after each use. Many of these surfaces can be used indoors as well as outdoors and can cushion falls up to 6 feet providing a safe and convenient play area.

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