The Basics About Turkish Bath Towels

Turkish bath towels are the ultimate stocking stuffers for friends and loved ones who value comfort. Known as pestemals, these towels are hand-woven and are known to be incredibly fast drying and absorbent. They are also very soft and come in vibrant colors, making them perfect for any use.

Turkish towels are very versatile and get softer with age. They are very thin so they can easily be rolled and stored in a beach or weekend bag without taking up too much space. Three to four towels can take up the same amount of storage space required by a regular fluffy bath towel, making this option better for homes or apartments with limited closet space.

Experts recommend not using any conditioner when using the towels to make them last longer. The towels are perfect for hair drying and with their attractive colors make the perfect gift for birthdays, bridal showers and the holidays.

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