October 15, 2017

The Evolution Of Netball Skirts

In 1901 Netball became an official sport. Women came up with this game as they had a desire to play a game like basketball. However, since they did not the required resources, they tied a plastic bag onto a broomstick and played the game with it. However, during those times women has to wear long floor length dresses. What’s worse, these dresses had leg of mutton sleeves. This attire made it near impossible for them to play the game appropriately and so it inspired the creation of netball skirts. Although the netball uniforms allowed flexibility, they were still decent and appropriate for women of those days. The uniform was a tunic and stiff shirt, completed with wool socks and stockings. After another 30 years, they changed it to pleated skirts, blouses and sports socks. Thereafter, the uniform simply changed to keep up with the times.

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