March 29, 2017

Up Close And Personal With Organic Skin Care Products

Skin blemishes, acne, scar marks and wrinkles are some of the many problems that can really put a dent in one’s confidence. You’ve tried applying lemon extract, mint leaves or the much vaunted aloe vera, but to no avail. So you start doubting whether organic skin care products actually work.

Steer Clear Of The Puffery

Cosmetic companies really put the extra effort to put an irresistible marketing spin when advertising skin products. However, the science is far behind of the marketing. It’s not everything that’s labelled ‘green’ ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ that’s good for your skin, so watch out.

Get A Second Opinion

By trying out random skin care products you run the risk of polluting your skin cells and making them completely unresponsive to treatment. Rather consult with a dermatologist before committing to anything you come across on the internet.

What emerges from all of this is that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s good for anything. Your skin is irreplaceable, don’t ruin it.

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