April 30, 2018

What’s A Firefighting Psychometric Test And How Can One Pass It?

Exams are part of every discipline. They tell if the candidate is up to the responsibilities ahead or not. In firefighting, it’s important that you possess effective abilities to save lives and properties since saving is the core business of the profession. Therefore, you may be expected by your employer to sit for an ability test, more so if you are seeking a promotion. One major exam that is common among firefighters is the Psychometric Test.

About Psychometric Test

A Psychometric Test is an ability assessment that firefighters sit for. This test is a written type, and features multiple-choice questions. Often, you are issued with a booklet of the questions and you are expected to attempt all the questions within a specified time. When seeking promotion as a firefighter, chances are higher that you’ll be asked to sit for the test. From your performance, your employer will determine if you are competent enough to be promoted. The Firefighting Psychometric Test may assess the following:

• Your mathematics ability (numerical reasoning)

• Your ability to weigh up written statements (verbal reasoning)

• Your ability to evaluate patterns and shapes (spatial reasoning)

• Your ability to respond to emergency situations (situation judgment)

Of the four aspects, situation judgment test (SJT) questions are the most featured in most firefighter tests. The SJTs provides you with a scenario where you have a range of possible responses. You are expected to look at the situation presented and choose from the list of answers what your action will be. In this regard, you are supposed to:

• Pick the best response from the options

• Pick the least preferred response from the options

• Rank your responses based on priority

• Rate your response based on the options

The Psychometric Test that you sit for employ one or more SJT assessments. As a firefighter, you are expected to be rational and effective. With your SJT potential, your boss will know if you are a dependable firefighter or not.

How to Pass the Psychometric Exam

For you to pass the Firefighting Psychometric test, it’s important to understand the questions before giving your opinions. You shouldn’t guess but try to give your own honest opinion based on logic and priority. Even before you look at the multiple answers, your instinct will be suggesting a possible response as soon as you read the question. Generally, the following tips will guide you to excel:

• Reread the questions to understand them before attempting.

• Don’t over think the answer; just follow your instincts.

• Put yourself in the scenario and think what is best.

• Buy sample Psychometric Tests beforehand and revise. This will equip you with the skills and confidence to pass the real test.


From an organization perspective, the firefighter Psychometric Test helps to identify if you are the suitable candidate for the (promotion) job. From the firefighter perspective, the test prepares you for the real-life scenarios. Passing the Firefighting Psychometric Test is one way of knowing that you have the numerical, verbal, spatial, and situational management abilities.

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