November 2, 2017

Why 100% Real Estate Agent Commission Plants Make Sense For Some Agents

For real estate agents, commission is often the main force behind their earnings. An agent often splits the commission with their broker under one of a handful of different models. Plenty of agents work under the 50/50 model, where the commission is split equally. However, 100% real estate agent commission plans exist, and they make sense in some cases. The average agent pays their broker a set monthly rate under this plan.

Unlike other models, though, the agent receives 100% of the commission. Such plans make sense for high-earning agents with many closed deals because they have a set expense each month with the broker. Their earnings aren’t capped or affected in any way whatsoever besides that monthly fee. Therefore, real estate agents that close dozens of deals per month may want to consider a 100% commission plan to truly boost their earning potential.

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