February 22, 2017

Why Start A Trash Hauling Business

Trash hauling can be more than just a municipal obligation whereby state authorities carry out refuse collection for a fee, only to have it dumped elsewhere. Believe it or not but starting a trash collection business can be a sustainable way to make an honest living. Now, it’s time to get those hands dirty and dig deeper into detail.

What The Statistics Have To Say

*In the U.S alone, over 2 million tonnes of plastic bottle waste makes it’s way to landfills every year. However, what’s more shocking is that it will take over 1 000 years to biodegrade!! The great thing is that plastic can be recycled and resold to manufacturers at a profit. So imagine the favor you’ll be doing the planet whilst at the same time making money.

* You’re going to love this one. American children discard of 40 percent of the average number sold worldwide. From a philanthropic perspective such toys can be donated to charities and orphanages for reuse.

So not only can a trash hauling business help you feed your family, but at the same time it can be a source of good in the world.

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