Basic Internet Radio Studio Equipment

When looking to start an Internet radio station then look no further than the following Internet radio studio equipment


These days one doesn’t require a rigid modem with all sorts of cables running into it. Suffice to say, a USB modem is all that you require to establish an Internet network. Nonetheless, in an an era of mobile mobility, you need that “old school” stationary modem. Not only are modems more reliable but they’re somewhat faster than USB modems.

Network Service Provider

High speed Internet connectivity is like the gold dust of Internet radio. But not only do you require a good Internet service provider, but a reliable one. Network interruptions are bad for business and will affect your image in ways you won’t be able to recover from.

Excellent Microphones

Free to air radio stations may be highly unregulated and unorthodox but that doesn’t mean that they should be run on inferior quality microphones and studio mixers. Excellent microphones are important for recording studio sessions for future reference.