Best Geelong Natural Therapies For Back Pain

Back pain, especially lower pain is a common problem affecting nearly 80% of adults at some point in their lives. Most of the times patients often require a prescription or have to go surgery in cases of chronic or long- term back pain. However, to treat back pain naturally, opting for alternative therapies can help you regain health and promote overall well- being. Take a look at some of these therapies that myotherapist at Geelong Natural therapies has to offer to relieve back pain.

1: Myotherapy

In this therapy, myotherapist uses gentle myotherapy techniques to restore and maintain the integrity of the patient’s ligaments, muscles, tendons, and fascia. They identify trigger points that are causing the pain, inflexibility, and tenderness and neutralize them using soft tissue manipulations techniques.

2: Emmett Therapy

This muscle release therapy used light finger pressure at specific points in a sequence to enable gentle releases for common problems including back, shoulder and neck pain.

3: Reflexology

In this therapy, reflexologists at Geelong apply gentle pressure on the reflex points of your face, hands, and feet that are connected to parts of your body. Stimulating or applying pressure to these pressure points helps release blocked energy and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability, relieving tensions and pains.

To get relief from back pain naturally and feel re-energized, opting for these Geelong natural therapies would be a wise decision.