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Uses Of Clear PVC Sheeting

Clear PVC sheeting is a great substitute to glass if the application requires lightness, impact resistance, low cost, and ease of maintenance. For example, a greenhouse may be built from this material so that the supporting structure will have less weight to bear. It can perform almost as well as glass in letting sunlight in and providing visibility from the outside. The greenhouse will be easy to clean.

Advertising posters are often encased in a lighted box with a glass front. This is to prevent people from tearing the poster down and ensure its protection from the unpredictable weather. However, glass can shatter is bumped even accidentally in high traffic areas like walkways. It would be much better to use clear PVC instead as this has excellent resistance to breakage. It will also hold up well despite strong winds, pouring rain, and scorching heat.

Acrylic Plastic Sheeting—Smart Choice For DIY Projects

Many DIY projects at home and office never go beyond the planning stage because it is not easy to get wood sheets cut in panels of the right size. Converting a long shelf in your home into multiple shelves is a simple task if you have the panels cut to the right size. You just need to screw the panels into place and you will have multiple shelves in a jiffy.

The simplest alternative is to buy acrylic plastic sheeting that has been precut into different sizes from the Internet. These sheets are strong and sturdy just like wood. Further, you can screw it in place just like a wooden panel. Of course, the acrylic plastic is waterproof and unlikely to shrink or expand with changes in temperature.

Transform your ideas from theory into practice by simply switching from wood to acrylic plastic for your home and office.

Industrial Acrylic Plastic Sheeting

Acrylic plastic sheeting comes in many grades, formulas, and thicknesses. They are renown for their durability, flexibility, and ease of shaping in factory processes. Plastic sheeting is ideal for molding into packaging and in the manufacture of plastic merchandise. Acrylic plastic is inexpensive and the ideal solution for packaging and light manufacturing.

83Acrylic polymers are generally clear, but can be stained to be translucent or brightly colored. Most applications use clear plastic, because the resulting shape is used to hold another product. Plastic is waterproof, resistant to many chemicals, and resilient for a given thickness. A thin sheet can be shaped into a package that securely holds several pounds of merchandise.

Because of its nonreactive nature, plastic sheeting can store food for months. When purchased in bulk, it is very inexpensive. Talk to a representative to understand the many options.