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Bold And Colorful Clarice Cliff Pottery

Clarice Cliff Pottery is brightly colored and is considered to be art deco. There are several lines created by the English born artist and designer of the 1920s. Her most famous line is the Bizarre line. Other lines include Fantastique, Chintz, and Crocus. She created her pottery for over thirty years. Clarice died in 1972. Her original pottery is still available at steep prices and has become sought after by collectors. Luckily, there are also fine reproductions of her work available by Wedgwood at significantly lower prices. The artist made a name for herself by creating bold and colorful abstract jugs, vases, jazz figures, tableware, bowls and much more. She honed her craft at art school. Eventually, Clarice was given her own studio and a team of artists that helped her create her experimental pieces that are still stunning to this day.