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Happy Hour Bars In London

Visiting or living in London doesn’t mean you have to sell one of your kids to go out on an evening. There are plenty of happy hour bars in London that will keep your pocket book happy, you mildly inebriated, and London, well, Jolly. King’s Cross is host to a wonderfully tacky 70’s pub complete with gaudy neon, fun, old-style games, and some drinks under three-bob.

In East London you’re either at a desk or in a cab. However, after work you can trade your cubicle for a cavern. There’s a pub with the dinginess of a Dickens setting and a happy hour as vibrant as a peacock.
The barkeep won’t try to rob you, and in fact the price of the ale will put a grin on your face as big as if you were in the stands at five p.m. on a Saturday at Spur’s. Assuming you’re a Tottenham fan. So crawl, don’t walk, and discover some wonderful, quirky London bars for happy hour.

Find The Best Bars In London

When you’re ready to have a good time, finding great entertainment in London is certainly not a problem. In fact, you’ll find some of the best bars in London, including bars that cater to a wide range of music styles. A fun outing to a local bar can definitely be a great way to wind down after a long and busy week, but finding the right bar is definitely important.

If you’re new to the London area, many locals will be able to offer advice on some of their favorite bars. Keep in mind that bars often cater to music and age groups that might not be of interest to others outside of these key demographics. When asking for recommendations be sure to mention the type of music and what type of bar scene you are expecting to find.

While you’ll certainly want to check out some of the local recommendations, don’t be afraid to do a little exploring on your own. Sometimes you’ll find an amazing local bar that nobody has mentioned.