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Rustic Lumber Is Trending

Getting the right type of wood can really make a project come together nicely. One of the trendiest types of wood options right now is rustic lumber. It shows just a little bit of difference compared to the other options out there, and people really seem to like it.

There is no doubt that rustic lumber can really bring together a certain design. It matches a lot of different options, but people should realize that it is more of a vintage look for sure. Nothing futuristic is really made out of rustic lumber, so it would just not fit in houses like that.

Most of the time, people can find this type of lumber at a local store. Since it is becoming so popular, a lot of local stores are carrying it and trying to make sure that it is constantly in stock for projects.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Projects

For DIY enthusiasts, nothing feels better than getting a fresh batch of materials to work with for their projects. Reclaimed barn wood is a favorite among many because of the reasonable cost and the unmistakable character developed over the years. Some people even perform surface treatments just to get the look of old wood. Of course, it is far easier to just get the real thing and focus on other aspects of the project.

These could be great if you are thinking of making a large dining table like those in farmhouses. Just line up a few planks together, secure them on both ends, and create sturdy legs underneath. Pair this with benches of the same length for seating. If you prefer something simpler, then consider making a few single-layer shelves for the kitchen. Once you have mastered woodworking, go create more complicated projects around the house.