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Introduction To Breathwork Therapy

Since the 1990s, research on the analysis of snoring sounds has been intensified. It can psychoacoustic properties such as volume, sharpness and roughness determined and statistically associated with the various types of snoring sounds.

A key goal of sleep noise analysis is to provide evidence for an objective measure of the subjective impact of snoring. An objective measurement is critical to measuring the success of treatments like Breathwork Therapy.

In many cases, sufferers first turn to an ENT specialist. Its task should be to first recognize which sections of the upper respiratory tract are narrow. In cases where obstructed nasal breathing could be the cause of snoring, appropriate treatment should be provided. By way of example, nasal septum distortion (septal deviation), maxillary sinus infections. Often there is a combination of several of these causes. The cause may need to be determined by somnoendoscopy.