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Get The Upper Hand In Cell Site Lease Negotiations

A cell site contract of lease can reap lucrative rewards for an owner of conveniently located property. However, the monetary benefits are not cast in stone. Because such a lease is negotiated, it is safe to say that you’ll need to be smart about the way you deal with cell companies.

Do Some Research

Try to find out from other lessors how much they’re getting paid so that you have a strong starting position. Often, cell companies offer property owners a tempting monthly rental with the hope that they’ll bite. But if you’ve done your research, you’ll know what’s fair and what’s unreasonable.

Is It Prime Property?

If you’re sitting on a prime location then you shouldn’t accept anything less than what general locations are being paid. In the same breath, if your property isn’t in high demand, then you might need to scale down on your expectations as they can always look elsewhere.

Cell site lease negotiations therefore be handled by experts, like lawyers and civil engineers.