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The Best Denture Clinic Chermside

There are many reasons why a person may have missing teeth. For instance, someone may lose their teeth during a car crash. Cavities and other types of dental problems can also force a dentist to extract the badly-damaged tooth. Whatever the case, a competent dentist is able to offer teeth replacement options to their patient. First, however, the patient has to find the best denture clinic Chermside has to offer.

Dentures are basically removable artificial teeth. They can either be complete or partial. Dentures are usually fabricated/molded to fit each patient individually. It is important to note that dentures replace not just the missing teeth, but also the surrounding tissue. They are usually made to look exactly like natural teeth and gums. When molded properly, they can be incredibly comfortable and fully functional. The cost of having a denture made will depend on a variety of factors, mainly the type of denture and number of teeth being replaced.