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Introduction To Copper Still Construction

The production department has 4 die-casting work centers with presses from 250 to 560 tons, equipped with robots and servo, aimed at maintaining versatility and obtaining the finished product thanks to Copper Still Construction.

The verification of the conformity of all the die-cast products occurs through systematic operating procedures, documented by internal control data sheets. The controls are divided into two main phases: in an initial phase an external verification takes place, in the next phase the controls extend inside the die-cast articles.

The operator’s visual inspection verifies the absence of cracks, deformations, breaks, burrs and verifies the correct functioning of the pins. Subsequently the external control of the die-casts concerns the dimensional aspect through the use of instruments, such as calibers and control pins; the checks concern the flatness of the piece, the respect of the measures and of the holes indicated in the drawings supplied by the customer.