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3 In 1 Auto Door Hinge

The tilting garage door with 3 in 1 Auto Door Hinge is not expensive and you can even install a small motor for opening and closing the door. There are two types of tilting garage door: overflowing or non-overflowing. The overflowing garage door (ideal for garages opening onto a large yard) may or may not use guide rails installed on the ceiling. It guarantees the stability of the door and its opening on the outside, thanks to the counterweight of the door, which promotes space.

The non-overflowing garage door (ideal for curbside garages) guarantees your safety as well as pedestrians because it does not overflow on the outside. However, it will be difficult to open manually. There are different materials that serve a tilting garage door. Metal is one of the most popular thanks to its lightness, strength and resistance. These doors have a varied aesthetic and require little maintenance.

Self Closing Door Hinges

Self Closing Door Hinges are specifically designed to allow a cabinet door to close by itself. The door will close securely without the need for you to push the door. These hinges are available in many styles and can be matched to fit various cabinet doors and to suit your decorative needs. These hinges are ideal for kitchen and bathroom doors because you will not have to touch your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with wet or dirty hands. Self closings doors can also help prevent the spreading of bacteria and germs because unclean hands do not have to ever come in contact with the door. These hinges have a built-in spring that allows any door to close by itself and to stay firmly shut. They are ideal for wood and metal doors and for doors that are medium to heavy weight.

Security Doors Add Extra Protection For Your Home Or Business

Adding extra security to your home or commercial building is a wise decision in today’s world of increased break-ins and home invasions. Using security measures such as cameras or other types of surveillance equipment is not enough. By adding Crimsafe Security Doors to your home or business, you stop potential thieves and intruders from gaining access to your property. Standard doors are not as strong as Crimsafe doors and are easier for intruders to kick in or break through.

102The easiest way to enter a home or commercial building is through the doors or windows, but by adding security doors made of 304 steel, which is strong and absorbs energy when under attack, you add a strong first line of defense to your home or business. Most security doors are made of wood or 316 marine grade stainless steel which does not perform as well as Crimsafe doors in security applications.