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Common Electrical Problems In Homes

Residential electrical systems are best left to an electrician because of their complexity and the risks the systems pose to homes. Homeowners should expect to handle specific home electrical issues from time to time. Therefore, when these electrical issues happen, you need to call residential electrical services to fix them rather than freaking out or handling them on your own. One of the typical residential electrical problems is dead outlets. The problem happens when electrical appliances function when plugged into one outlet, but they fail to work when plugged into another outlet.

Flickering lights are also a common residential electrical concern. You need to call an electrician if one or more lights flicker often. It is a sign of an overloaded electrical system or a faulty wiring system. Blackened or sparking outlets are also common electrical issues in homes. You should not use an outlet that is blackened or produce sparks. Instead, hire an electrician to fix the problem.

ABCs Of Electrical Services Jacksonville

The incandescent lamp is the most common domestic lighting device and two different configurations are offered by Electrical Services Jacksonville. It is a technology that has dominated the lighting industry for over a century, but which in its traditional configuration is destined to disappear from the market soon.

Since 2009, traditional incandescent bulbs have been progressively eliminated from the market, in favor of those with low energy consumption. The banning did not concern halogen lamps which, although they fall within the category of incandescent lamps, have good efficiency values.

The light source is enclosed in a glass bulb, with the light coming from the heating of a tungsten filament through which the electric current is passed. Inside the glass bulb, there is a low pressure gas, normally argon, which delays the evaporation of the tungsten filament. It is a particularly inefficient technology.