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Things You Must Never Forget To Do While Shopping For Your Smart TV Box Australia

Smart TV boxes are quite popular in most Australian households these days. A smart TV box can provide you with a wide array of uses, ranging from streaming videos directly to your TV to surfing the internet. Better still, this small box can convert your analog TV set into a smart TV. If you have made up your mind to purchase a smart TV box Australia, there are some things you shouldn’t forget to do.

Never Forget To Check The Output Resolution

Smart TV boxes can be quite affordable, but all boxes don’t offer high resolution through HDMI. Most boxes on the market today have a resolution of 1080p or 4k. Find out whether your TV set can support a high output resolution. The type of media you are going to play with your TV box should also dictate the output resolution to opt for. For instance, if you have high quality offline media files in your hard drive or storage system, then you won’t face a lot of issues. On the other hand, if you plan to use streaming services, then you should also invest in fast internet connection.

Performance and specifications

The bigger the processor a smart has, the more powerful it is. Ideally, the box should have an octa-core processor. Popular smart TV boxes have huge processors and other advanced specifications such as playback performance and multitasking feature. Whichever box you intend to purchase, don’t forget to check its performance and specifications since these two affect user experience.

Does it support additional storage?

Ideally, the box should come with a built-in hard drive slot where you can directly install a hard drive. Ideally, a standard TV box should have 2 GB Ram that is paired with a minimum storage capacity of 32 GB. In addition, a great TV box should support a minimum of 64 GB in external storage.

Reviews of the Smart TV box

Reviews from previous buyers who have used the TV box themselves will give you insights into how the performance of the box is like. Therefore, check the reviews of the box you intend to purchase, and see what previous buyers are saying about it and its performance. If the box has more positive reviews, then it is worth purchasing. On the contrary, refrain from purchasing the TV box if it has several negative reviews.


Shopping for a smart TV box is just like shopping for any other product. Apparently, they are key things that you must pay attention to while purchasing your box. Hopefully, the above tips will point you in the right direction.