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Forklift Training Melbourne Course

Getting a license to drive a forklift may be the fastest and cheapest way to secure a job. Before you get a chance to drive forklifts, you must be trained on how to operate them. It takes two days to complete training where the first day involves theoretical framework whereas the second day is reserved for practical training. Once the training is over, a trainee is awarded with a license to operate a forklift effectively and safely. Forklift training Melbourne courses entails the following key elements.

mel350The training course will teach you how to: drive industrial forklifts, use various forklift attachments, stacking and destacking, keeping accurate records as well as handling pallets. To sharpen your skills, you will also be trained on safety measures, fork truck controls, starting, moving, steering and braking the forklift, using hydraulic systems, weight checks as well as pre-start inspection and refueling procedures. The training is affordable and available to individuals who are above 18 years.