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Spot The Ball Game: A Brief Explanation

The Spot The Ball Game is an exciting challenge for soccer enthusiasts that can reap huge monetary rewards for successful followers of the interesting game of football. Coming in different forms and with varying degrees of difficulty, Spot The Ball is one game that is held in great mysticism, but is fairly easy to learn nonetheless!

Though it has evolved tremendously over the past few decades, this is basically a game that challenges a player to guess the exact location of a ball that has been removed from an original picture. With roots in traditional newspaper sports advertising, this competition has expanded its reach to other ball games, like rugby, cricket, basketball and even hockey.

This competition occurs in different classes. For example, you get those who bet, those who play for prize money, and more recently, the lottery version.

Succeeding At Spot The Ball Game

I remember playing Spot The Ball Game when I was little and wondering how on earth people actually made money from it. It seemed so difficult and mysterious, but the hardest part was not being able to come close to getting it right. However, as years passed and as I became more mature, it got easier. But how, you may ask!

Follow Football Passionately

Like regular sports betting, you need to know your sport and be a passionate follower of football matches. A bit of a stretch considering the number of football leagues in the world today, but a lot of these games focus on high profile local leagues. If you follow football matches passionately then this game should be a breeze.


As your passion develops, so too will your powers of intuition. With time you’ll be able to know here the ball is by simply looking at a players’ positioning or eye contact.