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Guide To Garden Maintenance Wandi

For those with a smaller budget, treated wood is still a good option, but keeps the same weakness as oak: its need for maintenance. You still have to apply at least one sealant after installation, and renew every two or three years, depending on where the fence is. A newcomer also seems to be making a name for itself in the world of treated wood fencing, given its dark brown color, very different from the usual greenish treated wood. It comes to join the colors used in contemporary homes. It’s an interesting option for Garden Maintenance Wandi.

Now made of lighter but stronger alloys, and painted with techniques that give them good durability, ornamental iron fences continue their ascent, often in front of houses or around pools. It’s a trend that has been going on for a long time. Contemporary models are made of straight lines, very fluid. No more ornaments, picks and rosettes: the country is completely outdated.

Hanging Garden Designs To Give Your Home That Unique Appeal

Hanging garden designs are a great addition to any outdoor space. Be it surrounding the patio, amongst the trees, or simply lining up the driveway, they are always a sight for sore eyes.


Flowers that bloom throughout the year are the best option for hanging flower designs as they don’t need regular replacement. And if you can afford Orchids, the better for everyone, as these bloom for a considerably longer time than most. On top of that, Orchids absorb moisture from the atmosphere and don’t require regular watering.


You get the kind of hanging flowers that are planted in earthenware pots, and those that use highly permeable material. Whilst the latter have a natural appeal, they lose important plant nutrients when you water them. The former, on the other hand, tend to preserve moisture and plant nutrients for longer.