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All About Glass Coffee Cups

Did you know that, other than porcelain, ceramic, metal, plastic, styrofoam, and paper, there is an entire universe of glass coffee cups?

Some people prefer them because glass allows you to see the contents of what you are drinking. Coffee drinks such as cappuccino or mocha can also be seen from the side for added entertainment value.

Glass doesn’t chip as often as ceramics, making it much more durable for commercial activities. They also offer very competitive prices as well. And glass cups keep most of the same properties of porcelain cups, namely having a smooth and non-porous surface, being easy to clean, not adding any chemicals to your beverages such as a metal or a plastic cup, and excellent thermal insulation to preserve the temperature in the coffee while you also do not bur your fingers holding the cup.

Find Quality Glass Coffee Cups

In terms of coffee filters, both disposable paper and permanent ones can be used, and the filter holder basket can be easily removed for cleaning. The machine is also prepared for the use of a water filter, but must be purchased separately. One factor that differentiates it from the other options available on the market is the variety of features it is equipped with, among which we can find:

Also the capacity is excellent with a 1,375 liter tank, which corresponds to about 10 large or 15 Glass Coffee Cups, as indicated also on the carafe and on the tank itself, together with the quantity of coffee required for extraction.

Programming: you can set this American coffee machine to prepare coffee at a specified time up to 24 hours in advance. Just fill the tank with water, add the coffee and set the dedicated timer. Aroma works, which allows you to choose the intensity of the coffee, with 3 different options.

Bringing Glass Coffee Cups

Most people think of ceramic coffee cups, but just as usable are glass coffee cups. The usefulness is not too much different. Ceramic and glass are both chemically inert and both need handles in order to avoid touching a surface heated by coffee. The major advantage of glass is that it contains no additional substances and might be preferable for a person concerned with leaching from hot ceramics.

Glass is completely pure and also looks attractive as a clear container. The user can clearly see the coffee level, and so can other people in the room. It is a more direct way of admitting that a person loves coffee, and it is a curious difference from a regular mug. It does that same job, and the coffee tastes just as good. The coffee might taste better if using glass provides peace of mind.