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Apple And Linseed Porridge For IBS

One of the best IBS friendly recipes for people suffering from IBS is Apple and Linseed Porridge, thanks to its ingredient which has been proven to help ease the symptoms of the condition. Apples, oats, and linseed are good sources of soluble fiber. Linseed is also known to supply a type of fiber that’s good for the gut bacteria.

To get the most of this IBS friendly recipe, grind the linseeds before using them. This will help your body to absorb all the vital properties in the linseed, including omega-3 fatty acids, which can go a long way in soothing irritation that’s often associated with IBS.

You can also combine the porridge with a dollop of probiotic yogurt, which is also critical in keeping your gut healthy. Taking naturally fermented foods such as yogurt may also help restore the levels of your gut bacteria.

How To Find The Best Low FODMAP Dinner Ideas

If you have type two diabetes, you know how difficult it can be to regulate your blood sugar levels and keep your health in check. This is the reason so many Low FODMAP Dinner Ideas are readily available. These dinner ideas will make it easier and more worthwhile for you to eat better foods that are going to keep your blood sugar levels in check at all times. This prevents the issues that you might have with other types of foods out there and it can provide you and your loved ones with meals that are delicious and nutritious. You can find a range of these dinner ideas on the internet and give them a try for yourself without it costing a lot of money in the process. You will love these dinner options for your own health and wellness.