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Iraq- A Land That Has Missed Many Opportunities

Iraq is a country that has been beset by wars and unsafe conditions ever since the 1980s when it started a rather unnecessary dispute with Iraq. This was followed by the misadventure of invading Kuwait, that forced it into conflict with the major powers of the world. Religious discontent, the Kurdish problem, the ISI and other border disputes have continued to make this otherwise beautiful land, a place of misery.

Iraq is well blessed with natural resources, a well-educated elite, and a history of culture and knowledge. What it has lacked is a unity of its various people and religions, that have always been in conflict amongst themselves for centuries. America’s quest for the elusive WMDs only helped to further disintegrate a country that has the world’s second-largest oil reserves. Will its people be able to put the country back together again, is a question that is not easy to answer in Iraq blog posts?