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Break Out The Cheap Party Decorations

With the in-laws coming over for dinner, again, it’s time to put on the frozen smile and find some cheap party decorations. Of course they won’t look like cheap decorations. No, the necktie you choose will look cheap, but the decorations will cover for you. Whether you choose to go glitzy or gimmicky, these decorations are going to make your wife’s mum do a double take and ask you when you left that nowhere job with the nothing pay. You, of course, will raise your eyebrows and give her that ironic grin that will make her cluck her tongue and change the subject.

If you’ve gone glittery and glitzy with your decorations, your little lady’s parents are going to ooh and ah over how you’ve pulled out all the stops for them. If you’ve chose a theme of gadgets and gimmicks, the father-in-law is probably going to be wearing half of them and firing off the rest by his fourth gin. The night will be a perfect success…well, you’ll still have to arm wrestle the old boy before they leave.